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Generative AI Policy

CSE Generative AI Usage Policy

The "Generative AI Usage Policy" for the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department provides guidelines for the ethical and practical use of generative AI in education and software development. It encourages students to utilize AI tools for enhancing learning, creativity, and productivity while requiring them to disclose AI assistance in their work. This policy aims to integrate generative AI into the curriculum, fostering a balanced and innovative learning environment.

Students are encouraged to:

Requirements for use

A statement indicating that AI was used to aid in its production is required in all works. IEEE citations follow this example:

“1. Text generated by ChatGPT, OpenAI, March 7, 2023,”

If some portions of the work were created without the assistance of AI, students should indicate what and where these portions are in the work.

Concluding Thoughts

Treat generative AI as a supplementary learning resource, using it to gain insights into diverse coding approaches and problem-solving methodologies. Strive to deepen understanding by actively engaging with the AI in tandem with personal efforts. Personal involvement should be a constant as you use these tools to help ensure a balanced and collaborative learning experience. Integrating generative AI into the department will promote an environment throughout each course that fosters creativity, encourages exploration, and supports the development of proficient and ethical software developers.

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